Windows 11 Annual Updates

Windows 11 Annual Updates

Windows 11 is going to revert back to its annual update schedule. In other words… they will be releasing one big update a year. Instead of the 2-3 random ones each year.

You know… the 15-minute updates that seem to only occur when you’re in the middle of something. Instead, Microsoft will follow a more predictive schedule.

Speaking of updates, Microsoft will soon be releasing a new feature update called the “February 24 Moment” or “Moment 5.” Can you guess what day it’s coming out (Feb 24)?

It has a few noteworthy changes.

First of all, they are now going to allow a few apps to be uninstallable, like Edge, Camera, Photos, etc. It’s probably following all the antitrust lawsuits floating around Silicon Valley. ?

Speaking of, you will (finally) be able to customize Windows search with your favorite third-party search engine, like Google or Yahoo, instead of just Bing!

For those using their laptops as tablets, you can use your stylus to write directly into text boxes versus writing inside of a grey ‘handwriting’ box. Those who use styluses will know what I’m talking about.

The Nearby Share feature (it’s like Apple’s AirDrop) gets a minor tweak with “friendly name” support. So, no more trying to guess who is sharing something with you. You can now give your PC a more readable name, making file sharing a bit more user-friendly.

Windows Spotlight, which displays Bing’s background of the day, will become the default wallpaper setting.

CoPilot, which is the refresh of Cortana, will now be able to be ‘undocked’, making it a little easier to access.

Oh! And you will soon be able to easily disable the Microsoft News integration. Along those lines, you can add third-party news services to fit the flavor you prefer. Or have nothing at all, which will be my pick.

The update I’m geeking out about is that Notepad will now include a character-count feature like Word already has. And will now give some files an option to “Edit with Notepad” when you right-click on them.

For those who use voice commands, there will now be a few extra voice-activated commands. Plus, Windows Narrator will allow you to preview a few new natural voices.

Of course, there’s a small host of stability and security updates.

This update should be a welcome one for business owners, helping to streamline workflows for you and your team. If you’d like to chat a little more about upgrading to Windows 11, we can help with that! Let us know.