Edge “Double Search” is a Thing

Edge “Double Search” is a Thing

There’s a big crackdown in Silicon Valley from the US Government. Lawsuits galore over big tech giants not playing fair with competitors.

Microsoft, trying to pretend like they’re a fair player, is trying to allow other Search Engines to be a part of its Operating System and Browser.

Just last week I talked about how Microsoft is allowing other search engines to become the default in the Windows Start Menu. Finally.

Of course, you could always select another search engine to be the default in Microsoft Edge… now…. there’s a new “double search” feature within Edge.

How does it work?

Picture this: you’re searching for something important for your business – maybe the latest trends in your industry or market research. You type out your query, and poof… you get results from not just one but two search engines at the same time.

I’ll break it down. Let’s say Google is your default search engine. Now, when you hit the search button, you won’t just see Google’s results, you’ll also get a peek at what Bing (or any other search engine of choice) has to offer, ensuring you’re not missing out on valuable information.

No more switching between browsers or tabs to compare search results – Edge now does that for you in a single view.

This doesn’t have to clutter your screen if you don’t want to. If you want to see the second set of results, you can simply click to expand the sidebar on the right to show the results from the second search engine.

I imagine if this picks up, that the Google and Firefox browsers will follow.

Of course, you’re free to reach out if you need a hand finding other time-saving tools for your business. Let us know!