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We come to you!  That’s right.  Why unplug your computer, haul it across town, wait days, then drive across town again, only to pay a fortune to get your computer back? We do most services at your location and while you wait!  So whatever your flavor, PC or Mac, we’ll set you up right the FIRST time. Simplicity may be our motto, but GREAT service is our goal. 

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How does our residential service work?

Step 1: Schedule
Step 1: Schedule
Call us at (352) 328-3333.
You’re halfway there!
Step 2: We Come to You
Step 2: We Come to You
We give you a time window for a remote or onsite appointment
Step 3: Relax While We Work
Step 3: Relax While We Work
You can watch, ask questions, or relax while we do our thing.

Residential Services for the win

We fix computers, but why stop there?! We also help you with a variety of other things you probably didn’t even remember you needed help with.

Computer Repair Services
We can service or repair your computer! Most services can be done on-site. If not, we can pick it up, fix it up, and get it back to you in a jiffy.
Speed Up Your Computer
Does your computer feel like it takes forever to load? Instead of buying a new computer, we can help you super boost the one you have.
Virus & Malware Removal
We’ve done it too. Infection. Not cool. We can remove the culprit from your PC or Mac and help get your computer back to working order.
WiFi & Security
Is your “panoramic” WiFi coverage lacking? You’re not alone. We can extend near gigabit coverage across your home and yard.
New Computer Setup
Congrats on your new computer! We can help you migrate data and programs to your new computer. PC or Mac, we can get you going.
Cloud Services
We know the “cloud” can be confusing. Our geeks know all about it and can help you find the right cloud for your photos, files, and more.
Email & Outlook Support
It can be a hassle when email goes wrong, like emails not going through, being sent or going to the wrong place. We can get all this working!
Professional Data Recovery
We know how frustrating it is to lose your data. Sending it around town lowers your chances. Let us help you get your precious data back.
Automatic Backup Solutions
Don’t wait until your data is lost from theft or ransomware. Backup solutions don’t have to be expensive. We can help you set it up.
Home Entertainment System
Are you tired of having 3-5 remotes? Looking to add surround sound? Big or small, we can help smooth out your TV troubles.
Smart Home Automations
Looking to expand on the auto-functionality of your smart home? Garage doors, light sensors, alarms, lights… all working together.
Secure Password Recovery
We can help you break in to just about anything, including servers. If you’re locked out of a website, email or your computer, give us a call.
General Support (What We Do Best)
Maybe you have a list of needs that aren’t on the list above. Random error message? Computer won’t start? Smart Home broken? We can help with that! No matter how small, big, fun, fancy, difficult or nerdy. We got you covered.



Completely Optional Service Plan

Home Essentials Plan

Looking for more than just a weak antivirus that is, at best, 22% effective?  Why wait for disaster to strike when you can stop it before it becomes an issue?  We’ve stripped our business plan down to just the core essentials a home user could benefit from.  Especially if that household uses at least one PC, Mac, or tablet as their “daily driver.”   

Autonomous Anti-Virus
Your antivirus has shortcomings. This autonomous AI-driven platform protects against today and tomorrow’s threats.
Very Safe Web Browsing
Optional. This is a real-time shield that blocks inappropriate sites to every device connected to your WiFi (for young minds).
Computer Optimized
Our security platform continuously tweaks and updates your computer for your peace of mind while on the internet.
Malware Web Filter
This denies your computer from quietly communicating to malicious sources on the internet. It happens far too frequently.
Easier Access to Support
Multiple ways to reach us, including right from your desktop! A few clicks, done! You can still call and email too.
Secure Cloud Backups
A secure daily backup of all your documents to the cloud. You can also recover any file from within 30 days.
Residential Services
Cybersecurity Shield
Anti-Virus Included
24/7 Optimization
Premium Support
Malware Web Filter
Cloud Backups
Peace of Mind




Excerpts from letters, emails, or reviews found on the internet.

I have recommended them to my friends over the years and I have only gotten positive feedback. Pass it on! A great computer geek is hard to find.

Dale M.

Erik came to the house on time and was able to retrieve all information lost promptly. He also shared his expert advice towards the purchase on new PC system. Thanks Erik- you were awesome!

Justin B.

I've been using this group for a long time for computer and internet questions and repairs. Really good about keeping appointments on time and when you call, a real person answers the phone! Great place--friendly and knowledgeable.

Patricia S.

You will not find a better service. What else can we say? We have been doing this for a long time and have experienced many computer guys. Geek 3 is the best we have had the honor to be serviced by.


Geek 3 provides a very professional and personal approach in their business. Erik is a computer whisperer and never fails to solve any problem my computer or its user creates. Geek 3 responds promptly with great service. I wouldn't call anyone else! Thank you Erik for many years of great service!!!

Debi P.

Your service representative was on time as expected, and welcomed into my home. As to his work, he was very true to his job, as the needle to the pole. He did it all, and addressed my complaints to correction. You have an exceptional service rep. at your outfit who likes his job and has proven to be worthy beyond value. I truly recommend this serviceman! Thank you.

Claude R.

Geek 3 has brought me great relief and peace of mind so far, and I truly appreciate this. I know the way I feel when a customer is this happy with my company, and I’d like to offer you that same feeling. Well done!

Bill H.

Erik is an excellent IT technologist who speaks to customers in language they understand.

Maura C.

Great knowledge base and super helpful. Called ahead of time to let me know what my problem was and how I could fix it ... and didn't charge me a dime!

Blaine H.

OMG. Came when they said they would come, did what they said they would do, tidied up the maze of cords going everywhere — absolutely the BEST. Computer and printer are in great shape! Thanks, Geek3!!

Jill J.

What a wonderful experience! Eric from Greek 3 met my expectations for a professional computer tech: prompt, has go-to resources and skills for solving problems, works quickly and efficiently, and follows up as necessary. Finally, a home computer repair company I can trust. Worth every penny!

Ellie S.

We speak your language

We speak English… not “techy” talk. And genuinely want to help you understand and learn about your computer, printers, smart home, you name it… if it plugs in and connects to WiFi, we can help you with it. 😉
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