Say Goodbye to Viruses:
Trusted Virus Removal Services

Our malware, spyware, and virus removal service experts can get you and your device up and running quickly with no hassles. Our Microsoft Certified technicians learn of the latest threats daily and can eradicate virtually all malicious scripts and leave you with a healthy computer.

How can you tell if your PC or Mac has a virus?

There are several signs you could be infected, including slow performance, frequent crashes, unusual error messages, and unexpected pop-ups. If you notice any of these symptoms, running a reputable spyware or antivirus software scan is essential to confirm and remove any viruses or malware.

Your malware scanner isn’t perfect.

Hackers are counting on this. They evade the latest security definitions by staying ten steps ahead. Sensitive data could be held hostage with ransomware or used against you in an elaborate blackmail attempt. By the time one of your security scanners detects something going on… it’s likely too late.

I’m infected! What do I do???

All hope isn’t lost if your AV protection or security software fails. Many types of malware threats are now classified as zero-day infections, meaning an infection that is so new that it hasn’t yet been patched. Call us today at (352) 328-3333 to speak to a real human who can help you get up and running.

Our Removal Scope of Service

We will locate and remove all Spyware, Viruses, and Malware
We'll also remove malicious threats (Trojans, Rootkits, etc..)
We'll find problems your security software missed
We'll clean all files that may have been infected
We'll tidy up any operating system issues
We'll restore any internet blocking proxies or scripts
We'll provide basic preventative training
Geek Squad Pricing
Our Microsoft Certified Pricing
$149.99 In-Store
Not Available In-Home
Regular Rate
$110 In-Home
May Special (20% off)
$88.00 In-Home