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After lugging my computer around Gainesville for repairs, and wasting money by paying a friend of a friend to come to my house to fix my computer, I danced a jig the first time came to my home. Over the years, they have fixed my hard drive, removed viruses and added virus protection, doubled my RAM, and made software and hardware recommendations. They are professional, they have a quick response time, their rates are reasonable, and they are just genuinely nice, terrific people. I have recommended them to my friends over the years and I have only gotten positive feedback. Pass it on! A great computer geek is hard to find.

Dale M.

Erik came to the house on time and was able to retrieve all information lost promptly. He also shared his expert advice towards the purchase on new PC system. Thanks Erik- you were awesome!

Justin B.

I've been using this group for a long time for computer and internet
questions and repairs. Really good about keeping appointments on time and when you call, a real person answers the phone! Great place--friendly and knowledgeable.

Patricia S.

We have been with Geek 3 for going on 4 months now! You will not find a better service period. What else can we say? We have been doing this for a long time now, so we have experienced many computer guys. Geek 3 is the best we have had the honor to be serviced by.


Hi just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday. It's nice to know there's someone we can count on. Thanks again!

Lori W.

Just call Geek3 and help will coming your way! Seriously, they are awesome!! My computer somehow caught a virus that made it impossible to browse the web and would spontaneously shut down without notice. They fixed it within a day and I swear it runs better than it ever did. If you are like me and know nothing about computers and encounter a problem, don't freak out, just call Geek3 and help will coming your way.

James P.

I got a virus on my laptop for the second time so I called up Geek3. They came to my house the next day and had my computer all straightened out within an hour. Excellent workmanship and great personality too. Thanks to GEEK3 for a great service to the community too.


Thank you very much for working with my computer. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the beginning of a successful relationship!

Naomi W.

Thank you very much, my computer is working EXCELLENT and way smoother. I was very impressed with Erik's professionalism and knowledge. Again ,very good job from you and the whole GEEK3 team.

Paul S.

Hi just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday. its nice to know there's someone we can count on. i just received an email from AT&T about how they could help me update my email settings. I thought that was pretty funny. Needless to say i did not reply!!!!! thanks again.

Lori W.

great service; very friendly, efficient, helpful, knowledgeable; all-around wonderful experience!

Eileen N.

Geek3 is a pleasure to partner with and their integrity and passion for their work are unparalleled. Erik is a consummate professional and the most dependable resource I’ve found in the IT field. I highly recommend his services.

Marci M.

My first and only google places review – these guys were so great that I was inspired to sign up to give reviews about them!I was panicky when my laptop went down – they were nice, patient, and extremely fast and affordable. Can't say enough good things about them. I can't imagine there's a better place – it's impossible!

Mary M.

Seriously fantastic computer people. I always worry about who is working on my computers. Let's be honest I have no way of knowing if what they are doing is good or bad. Erik has always been honest and upfront with me and managed my crazy requests for networks to do what networks weren't meant to do!

Erica L.

Eric did a fantastic job of setting up & cleaning up my computer - I`m a slow learner with technology, so I really appreciated his patience and willingness to explain everything. I would highly recommend Geek 3.

LM Allen

I received fast, prompt, courteous and professional service. I would highly recommend.

Willie W.

I want to thank Erik at Geek 3 for assisting me at a time when I was at a loss They assisted with evaluating my existing computer as well as the selection of a new laptop to meet my needs. I am not a techy and was so relieved with how easy he made this process. I now call him the “computer whisperer”. He makes home visits that meet my schedule, he is very patient, talks In layman terms that I can understand and does not make me feel stupid for all the questions I ask! I no longer am so intimidated by all of this technology because I know who to call. Their prices are reasonable and he is a great help! And all with a smile. Thank you!!

Debi P.

Your service representative was on time as expected, and welcomed into my home. As to his work, he was very true to his job, as the needle to the pole. He did it all, and addressed my complaints to correction. You have an exceptional service rep. at your outfit who likes his job and has proven to be worthy beyond value.

I truly recommend this serviceman!

Thank you.

Claude R.

Thank you for the wonderful help. I'd like to add that Geek 3 has brought me great relief and peace of mind so far, and I truly appreciate this. I know the way I feel when a customer is this happy with my company, and I'd like to offer you that same feeling. Well done!

Bill H.

We found Geek 3 on-line and we are so glad we did!! The owner answered my call personally, set us up for the next available appointment and arrived early the very next day. All of our annoying problems with our computer and laptop were fixed within an hour. Rates are very reasonable and Erik is very professional and knows his business well. I reccomend Erik and Geek 3 to anyone who needs help with their computer. I personally rate this company with 5 stars!!

Patricia K.

I called Geek3 on a Saturday night and they were at my house by Monday afternoon. The tech removed dozens of spyware files that I had been trying to find and get rid of for months. He was very knowledgable and polite. It was also SO convenient. I am in law school and am constantly on my computer, so I didn't have time to drop it off somewhere for a week. He fixed the problem in under an hour and also gave me some tips on virus prevention for the future. Thanks so much Geek3!

Christina B.

Top rate service, prompt, courteous and highly professional!

Isabel G.

My computer was frozen with disease (virus & trojan) and I was nervous about dropping it off somewhere (heard local horror stories). Called Geek 3 and they scheduled to come to my house the same day. Tech arrived on time and got busy fixing my computer at my dining room table. There were no hidden costs – it was their flat rate estimate! Overall great experience and will be recommending them to friends/coworkers.

Carmine O.

For the first time somebody explained something to me and it made sense. Thank you, Geek3!

Dorothy B.

Support has been outstanding, with quick responses thorough answers, and patient replies to follow-up questions. I have had several hosts in the past, and the speed of Geek3's servers beats them all by far — a great benefit of their service. I highly recommend Geek3. The overall value far exceeded my expectations.


I have an Apple network with a mixture of Windows, Apple, and HP that I couldn t get to talk to each other. My wife couldn t print the recipes she wanted from the internet. Erik from geek 3 came out to my house in Chiefland – 45 minutes away – and fixed each problem. He was late getting here, but called well in advance to tell me and see if that was okay. I WILL use them again if I ever need any help. Fast and accurate, he solved my problems in one hour and charged less than the stuck-up apple specialists . Thanks, Erik.

Malone S.

Thank you Erik !!!!!!!! this guy just did a network make over, WOW..... I have talked many many times on the phone with Apple, Cox and AOL and whatever fixed they did were so minor and 9 times out of 10 they would not last and would go back to nothing working right. It seems that with every update of any of the systems the electronics would go crazy and need the setting fixed or changed and even new settings that I knew nothing about until I got on the phone with Apple or whoever was affected. To make a long story short with multiple issues, Erik changed out some redundant items and upgrades of 4 to 6 years old equipment and 3 hours later, I am 98% fixed and things are working so smoothly and faster.I have had 3 different company's come out and try and fix the issues but even crime prevention who installed the surround systems, TV system, apple TV and cabling system it would work the day they came out and sometimes more but it would still go back to the problems.

Erik is knowledgable, listener and totally knows what he is doing and goes beyond proving that with the results......... We have one more hour of work next week to finish up. He even proved Apple doesn't always know what they are talking about and I agree. Thank you again Erik

Barbara S.

Erik is an excellent IT technologist who speaks to customers in language they understand.

Maura C.

Great knowledge base and super helpful. Called ahead of time to let me know what my problem was and how I could fix it even though they couldn't and didn't charge me a dime!

Blaine H.

OMG. Came when he said he would come, did what he said he would do, tidied up the maze of cords going everywhere — absolutely the BEST. Computer and printer are in great shape! THANKS, GEEK3!!

Jill J.

I highly recommend Geek 3!

I was so frustrated with the young, green techs trying to fix my home computer. My previous experiences had consisted of hours watching inexperienced technicians not understand the problem (let alone the solution) search the Web for ideas (without go-to resources), come up with nothing, charge me, and leave.

I vowed to find someone skilled, efficient, and knowledgeable. A friend recommended Geek 3. What wonderful experience! Eric from Greek 3 met my expectations for a professional computer tech: prompt, has go-to resources and skills for solving problems, works quickly and efficiently, and follows up as necessary.

We just completed a complete transfer of my data from an old computer to a new one. It took a little longer than either of us expected, but he got the job done—and just in the nick of time, my old computer was on its last legs and without the care and experience of Geek 3, I might have lost data.

Finally, a home computer repair company I can trust. Worth every penny!

Ellie S.

My wife's laptop kept going to the bluescreen and shutting down. The antivirus program we had on it said the computer was clean, but it still shut down once in a while. Geek 3 came by and fixed it within hours. They are a great service to the community of Gainesville and should be considered first when needing assistance.

Shaun G.

I was very fortunate to find Geek3 in the Yellow pages and contacted them about straightening out problems between three different computers in my office. I spoke to Geek3 on the first call (and not an answering machine) and they were able to book an appointment the next day. I am referred to as the “techno wizard” (a joke of course) and Erik was able to instruct me as to what my problems were, the solutions he had to repair them and offer additional suggestions as to how to make my system work faster and more efficient therefore saving me time and money. I've spent countless hours that have mounted to days trying to “fix the problems” myself, but Erik did in a couple hours what I never could have accomplished. I will always call him when I have a problem and have already referred him to several people since yesterday. He is very patient and he does not intimidate the “non-computer tech” person and explains and offers which meant the world to me after all of my frustrations. I highly recommend Geek3 and feel so fortunate that I have established a working relationship with them.

Kennette H.

I used Geek 3 to help out with a trojan infection that had disabled my computer. They delivered exactly what they promised: fast effective service at a set price. Their tech came to my house the same day and worked until the problem was solved. No nasty surprises or additional charges. It is bad enough having a computer disabled by malicious software; being at the mercy of an untrustworthy computer shop is the one thing that can make the situation worse. Dealing with Geek 3 was a great relief. They also left me with a couple of new pieces of software to improve the protection of my computer in the future. I would not hesitate to call them again if I have a problem!‎

Jim R.

On time!! Got my computer and Wi-Fi working like new!! You want your computer problems cared for, call Geek 3 Computer Repair!!! Oh yes, very reasonably priced!!


I got a virus on my lap top for the second time so I call up Erik from Geek3….He came to my house the next day and had my computer all straightened out within an hour….Excellent workmanship and great personality too….Thank you Erik,you did a great job,again…..And thanks to GEEK3 for a great service to the community too….

Paul S.

This morning I had to choose a new service provider for my computer as Office Max no longer provides this service. I was trilled to find a local service provider Geek3. Erik was professional and polite and the service he provide top notch. The price was reasonable and the convenience amazing.

Jean S.

Erik saved the day for me today!!! Geek 3 provides a very professional and personal approach in their business. Erik is a ``computer whisperer`` and never fails to solve any problem my computer or its user creates. Geek 3 responds promptly with great service. I wouldn't call anyone else! Thank you Erik for many years of great service!!!