Problems We Solve

Your business demands reliable, secure technology

Everyone stands tall until their security fails

I left my phone at a restaurant off Archer Rd.  The staff interrogated me for good reason.  Why?  Because thieves often impersonate "lost phone owners" for $$.  Folks, this kind of theft is small potatoes.

Malware is getting smarter.  Even if you're secure, there are still phishing sites, data breaches and identity theft.  All feeding the dark web by the minute.  And that dark web... is literally 500x bigger than the internet you already know.

We get a call almost weekly from local Gainesville businesses getting hit with a crippling issue.  All first time callers.

"But we had AntiVirus, Malware protection, etc.."

Spoiler: it's a false sense of security.  Malware is getting smarter and the security that your computer-guru told you about is not enough.  

Find out how your small business can gain access to a real IT Department.. for a fraction of the cost.  It all starts with a free, no-risk assessment.  

Proven Cloud Formula

From web hosting to file sharing to business-class email, we know just the right amount of cloud you need.  In plain English.  Easy to use and so secure & affordable, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.  

Fast, Affordable, On-Site

We're locally owned and exclusive to Alachua county.  Meaning you're not waiting for a tech to be dispatched from Orlando or Tampa.  Best of all, we don't bombard you with technical lingo.  We break things down so it's easy to understand and can get to you quickly in a pinch.

Rethinking WiFi Security

We can affordably secure and expand your wireless network... for likely less than what you have now.  We also apply excellent security policies, which is strong enough for HIPAA standards.