Gmail’s Next-Gen Email Spam Filter

Gmail’s Next-Gen Email Spam Filter

Google recently (and quietly) released a spam filter update for its Gmail service.

It’s based on a fancy text vectorizer, “RETVec,” that can map words into vectors or numerical representations in an email.

I know. Nerd talk. I’ll break it down.

Spam emails still end up in your inbox because the folks who send them know all the tricks to keep their message out of junk.

Can you tell the difference between “3xpl4in3d” instead of “explained?” Spammers use this typo trick to bypass scans that Google may have in place. Google now uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify that.

So how does Google do that?? By mapping words or phrases to real numbers and then using these numbers for analysis, predictions, etc… to ultimately figure out word similarities.

Since Google released this update, spam detection has shot up by 38%. That’s huge. And false positives dropped by 19.4%. That’s nearly a fifth fewer good emails in your spam folder.

So what’s the catch?

  • Promotional emails your business may be sending could be detected as too spammy.
  • Some legitimate emails, too, can be caught in the crossfire and land in your junk folder. So check that junk folder from time to time.

This new spam filter is more efficient, too. In other words, it’s marginally faster at scanning and delivering your emails.

If you don’t use Gmail, that’s ok! Microsoft is in the works, with a similar spam filtering upgrade coming in the future.

Of course, if your business would like us to review your email security or upgrade your filter to a commercially available business-grade system to help filter phishing, malware, etc… Just let us know!