Cybersecurity… and your phone.

Cybersecurity… and your phone.

It’s no secret that our phones are a goldmine of private information. It’s not until you lose your phone that you suddenly realize it contains financial details, personal messages, emails, photos, and contact information… all living behind that little glass screen.

The crazy part is that you don’t have to lose your phone for your data to be compromised. You can see how this pocket marvel can (or has already) become a hole in your cyber security.

Criminals know this as well. It’s why they target you through your phone. Statistically, just as much as they do through our networks and servers.

Regardless if your business issues smartphones or your team uses their own, you should make sure everyone follows simple guidelines to avoid disaster.

Start with making sure you’ve setup a PIN. If you have the ability to use a biometric scan (fingerprint or face scan), even better.

Only install applications from your phone’s ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play’ store.

If nothing else, enable Multi-Factor Authentication for the apps that store even a small amount of sensitive data.

Public WiFi has also become a target. If you connect these networks (airport, Starbucks, the library…), then consider using a VPN – a Virtual Private Network – to add another layer of security.

Finally, ALWAYS make sure that your phone is up to date by keeping it on the latest version of your phone’s operating system (iOS, Android, etc..). This includes updating your apps too.

Smartphones have changed the way we live. And will continue to get better. Just as security loopholes will continue to exist, so too will criminals find new and creative ways to target you. Don’t take these little devices for granted. They can quickly turn into a costly mistake.

If you or your team needs help keeping your smartphones safe, let us know.