ChatGPT is replacing Cortana?

ChatGPT is replacing Cortana?

You’ve likely heard that Microsoft invested $10 BILLION into ChatGPT earlier this year. Why? Because Microsoft’s Cortana was struggling to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s voice assistant.

Not anymore as this was the game-changer Microsoft was looking for. To not replace Cortana with some AI knockoff.. but with the revolutionary ChatGPT itself, the biggest innovative chatbot built by OpenAI. It’s almost a reality, as Microsoft plans to call it Microsoft Copilot.

Love it or hate it, this can be good news for your business. It’s like having your own personal assistant that is ready to answer virtually any question (better than Siri or Alexa), and… even change system settings on your device.

Picture this… you’re in a pinch, your calendar is packed, and you need to find information on something or change a setting on your computer. Instead of trying to scramble to figure it out, just ask CoPilot.

Ok ok.. we’re not saying this is the perfection of AI chatbots. There’s still a way to go there. But if you’ve had any experience with ChatGPT, you know how big of an advancement this is.

Even better, it’s going to built right into Windows 11, allowing it to perform a dramatically wider range of tasks than ever before.

When you summon Copilot, you can set your conversation style and ask questions on virtually any topic. From commands like “Make me a picture of a tropical beach with palm trees” to “Create a three-day itinerary for my business trip in May,” Copilot is ready to help. Yes, it’s that kind of AI.

Unlike other chatbots, CoPilot understands context, allowing you to ask follow-up on questions without repeating yourself.

So, how can you access this? There is a bit of a preview in the big Windows 11 2023 update, but it doesn’t quite reflect how the final product will look or behave. Microsoft plans to polish things up with more updates and to add more features.

One thing is for sure… there’s no denying the potential of this upcoming feature.

If you’d like help evaluating CoPilot or any other productivity tools, let us know!