Big Updates Coming Soon for Windows 11…

Big Updates Coming Soon for Windows 11…

Microsoft is finally throwing some big updates our way with Windows 11.

First, let’s talk about the Snipping Tool. This humble screenshotting tool has been quietly serving us for years, capturing our screens one snip at a time. But now, with a new text capture and recognition capability called ‘Text Actions,’ we’re looking at a good upgrade. You can copy and paste text straight from a screenshot. No more typing out information from an image like a caveman (or a more modern version of a caveman, anyway).

And that’s not all. A new ‘Quick Redact’ function lets you hide sensitive information right in the screenshot. Gone are the days of awkwardly scribbling over confidential data with a digital marker.

With the integration of Windows 11’s Phone Link feature, your Android devices and PC are getting good upgrades to make syncing much easier.

The Photos app is also getting some good upgrades. Based on community feedback – yes, they sometimes listen – the Photos app is getting a new Background Blur option.

Want to make your subject pop by blurring out the background? No problem. Need to control the intensity of the blur or select specific areas to blur? They’ve added it.

The new ‘Content Search’ capability for photos backed up on OneDrive is also a good update.

Ever wished you could search for a photo based on its content? Using intelligent image detection software, Microsoft will now scan and label your photos with searchable tags. And yes, you can also search for photos based on location across local files, OneDrive, and even Apple’s iCloud. That’s right, iPhone users haven’t been left out.

Now, we know some people are still on edge about the Windows 10 Photos app changes, notably the removal of the Video Editor feature. But it looks like Microsoft may be making amends. The vague mention in Microsoft’s announcement that “Edit and Create Video options are now easily accessible at the top of the gallery view” suggests some video editing functions might be heading our way. We’ll just have to wait and see what that means.

As we eagerly await these updates, one thing is clear: Microsoft is trying to improve on Windows 11. It may take one update at a time, but it’s looking like a good update coming soon. Who doesn’t love a good upgrade?

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