Business Services

If you need service for your home or small business, just let us know.  Call us at (352) 328-3333 for a free consultation.

Wait, where did the business page go? 
Our business page is being updated as well as our entire website as we prepare to introduce a new Managed Services lineup.  We’ve been working on this since the middle of 2017 to insure we take our best step forward.  Don’t worry, we still plan to offer the same line of services as we do now!

Managed IT Services – Coming Fall 2019

We are now in our 11th year of operation (2019), and network / computer security has never been greater.

Malware and malicious activity take more dangerous forms, now coming in the form of nearly impossible to detect emails, convincing phone calls, and causing data destruction that can spread to an entire network.

We try to take the best proactive approach when businesses call us.  But that’s the key word, isn’t it?  “… when businesses call us.”  Despite our best efforts, it’s still a reactive type service.

That’s why in the Fall of 2019, we are planning a better approach. 

Not just the same service we provide now, but monitoring every activity on a network 24/7/365, down to viewing the heartbeat of each computer, so we know issues before they even start.

Further, and possibly the most important: stopping most malware before it even gets to any of your users. If one of your users clicks on a malicious link from an email or visits a site they shouldn’t, we stop most all threats in real time.

Along with a variety of other critical services, we plan to roll this out Fall 2019.  For less than the cost of a single IT technician, you can have a fully staffed IT department at your disposal.  And at a flat rate too.  No more unpredictable costs.

If you’d like more information or would like to learn more about our pilot rollout, let us know.

For those who are currently in our hourly model… you can stay where you are!  This service is strictly for those looking for a proactive, full service IT department.  More information coming soon!