Indian government tells carriers to end 3G roaming pacts, doesn’t stop to explain why

For those of us on the outside, India’s telecommunications setup can seem a little murky. While the country has 900 million mobile connections, for example, every 2G license issued after January 2008 were cancelled in February. Now, authorities are asking 3G carriers to suspend the practice of allowing customers to switch between different operators as […]

PSA: iPhone 5 available in 22 more countries, on Cricket and US regional carriers galore

Disappointed that your country or favorite carrier missed the initial cut for the iPhone 5 launch? Odds are that you’re all good now. Worldwide, 22 more countries have joined the mix as of today, including wide swaths of Europe as well as New Zealand; you’ll find the full list in the release here. Americans also […]

YouTube Live now streaming select partners in real time

Not content with limiting its dominance in streaming uploaded videos, YouTube is now ready to take on competitors like Justin.TV and Ustream. The new YouTube Live service is being rolled out to select YouTube partners and will enable real-time broadcasting. In its official announcement, Google states that “The goal is to provide thousands of partners […]

Samsung ChatON Takes Chatting on your Phone to the Next Level

If plain old SMS or MMS text messages just aren’t doing it for you anymore, Samsung’s ChatON app adds a whole host of features to keep you and your buddies entertained. The ChatON app is free for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. You can find it through the ChatON website or in the appropriate app […]

ZTE shows off new V98 Windows 8 slate, we go hands-on

Intel just outed its new Atom SoC, and at its tablet event in San Francisco today, the company had a whole slew of slates packing the Clover Trail silicon on hand. Dell’s Latitude 10, the ASUS Tablet 810, Acer’s Iconia W510 and W700, Lenovo’s ThinkPad 2, the HP Envy x2 and Samsung’s Series 5 were […]