Some international Galaxy Note 2s shipping without multi-window feature

One of the cooler features of the Galaxy Note 2 is its ability run multiple apps in split-screen mode. The feature, known as multi-window, wasn't ready for prime-time at IFA, but was showcased a few days back in an official Samsung preview video. However, many new Galaxy Note 2 owners in Europe have noticed that […]

Google Wallet Wins and Fails: Walletless Week 2

I’m spending the entire month using just my smartphone as my wallet. During my second week of adventures, I check out Google Wallet, get groceries delivered to my house, and try a handful of new apps for getting things done without cash or credit cards. Source: NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR

Daily Crunch: Shape

Here are some of yesterday’s posts on TechCrunch Gadgets: TomTom Discovers Apps, Puts Twitter, Yelp And More In The Go Live 1535 M PND Windows 8?s New Explorer: This One Goes To 11 Review: Fujifilm X100 New Zelda And Golden Wiimote To Arrive November 20th Video: New Atomic Clock Reaches A 100 Quadrillionth Of A […]

Pastebin updated to V3, releases Windows app

Pastebin is a very popular website aimed at coders and other nerdy types, which allows them (or should I say, us) to paste and share snippets of code with lovely syntax highlighting. It has recently undergone a major overhaul which includes the release of a brand new Windows client. The new client lets you create […]

Adblock Plus developer pokes holes in Mozilla’s new add-on performance tests

Wladimir Palant, developer of the most popular add-on in the world, Adblock Plus, is also an active contributor to the Planet Mozilla blog community. Over the last few days, in response to Mozilla’s new name and shame list of slow add-ons, Palant has been investigating whether Mozilla’s testing methods are actually accurate. Rather surprisingly, it […]