Firefox 64-bit development for Windows gets ‘turned off’ by Mozilla

Looking to browse with the full weight of your 64-bit hardware? Well, if you’re a Firefox and Windows user, you’re going to have to look elsewhere, as Mozilla has announced it’s closing the development of Firefox for the bigger computer architecture. Mozilla manager, Benjamin Smedberg outlined several reasons for the decision, including limited access to […]

Dreading The ?Grandchildren? Thanksgiving Talk? Older First-Time Moms May Live Longer

Amidst the awkward barrage of family disfunction that is the American Thanksgiving tradition, there is one constant: the interrogation of career-focused twentysomethings about why they haven’t given their parents any grandchildren yet. Knowing that much of our entrepreneurial young readers fall into this troubled demographic, we thought it would be helpful for them to know […]

A sneak peek at the next version of Android Market and Music app

Update: Tech From 10 seems to be offline — but we have lots of images and a hands-on review if you want to see what the new Music app is like. In what is probably a bit of a big-G whoopsie, the folks at Tech From 10 woke up to find a new, test version […]

Thousands of iPad Apps Is that All it Has to Offer?

The mad rush to get hold of an iPad certainly led a lot of people to believe that this nifty little gadget would put a smart phone to shame. The fact that users would be able to get thousands of apps on their iPad might have had something to do with craze and Apple did […]

Mitoza is a fun, freaky Web toy with an artistic look

While not a game per se, I found Mitoza intriguing enough to spend quite some time with it. You start off with a seed, and are then presented with two choices: you can either click a flower pot, or click a cute little birdie. If you click the flower pot, a flower pot appears and […]